US Living Benefits

US Living Benefits is a preeminent consulting and marketing firm specializing in critical illness insurance for carriers, reinsurers and distributors.

Dan Pisetsky is President of US Living Benefits and is founder of the National Association for Critical Illness Insurance ( A national speaker on topics and trends related to CII, Dan has developed innovative critical illness products, as well as providing marketing support and sales training. His expertise, focus and dedication have established him as one of the foremost leaders in the CII market. US Living Benefits provides:

  • Extensive product development and marketing expertise for critical illness insurance
  • Product / market focus on CII sold through various distribution sources and marketing approaches
  • Actuarial and administrative support for CII through USLB strategic partners
  • Marketing consultation and competitive analysis for new and existing CII carriers
  • Producer seminars to provide product knowledge and sales skills essential for CII mastery

For more information, please call 860-434-7227.

We all have dreams, plans and hopes for a better tomorrow. Unfortunately, a critical illness can reduce those dreams to ashes. It is my fervent hope that critical illness insurance will become associated with life, in the same way as life insurance has been associated with death.

Dan Pisetsky
US Living Benefits